The dashboard is what Users see when logging into the app, and it has three sections:

  1. A "Quickstart" menu to start common tasks

  2. Statistics about the tasks assigned to them

  3. A list of tasks currently assigned to them.

Quickstart Menu

With Quickstart buttons, users can configure quick access to 6 commonly used tasks. This list is configured by specific users, so it's unique for every user.

When these are clicked, tasks start instantly for the user to complete. The tasks get created with an automatic name, and including today’s date. This is best used for ad-hoc processes that aren't scheduled or assigned in advance, such as:

  • Visitor Sign-In Form

  • Customer Complaints

  • Pest Documentation

To configure the Quickstart, a user can click the gear at the top right of the Quickstart panel.

Task Metrics

The tasks section includes task metrics, which show a basic list of what's currently on a user's plate.

Task List

The bottom of the dashboard shows the tasks currently assigned to a user. It's color coded, where red means the task is overdue, yellow means it's due today, and white means it's due in the future. Users can start the tasks by clicking the "Play" button.

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